Guide to Google News SEO Get featured in Google News

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Guide to Google News SEO Get featured in Google News

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Google News SEO understand the importance of placing your site on Google News. Learn techniques and ways to improve your site's ranking and become a trusted source. What is Google News? Google News is a news aggregator that features a personalized stream of news articles from the past 30 days. Depending on your location and language settings they are organized into seven or eight categories, and are grouped by topic. This means that news articles from multiple sources on the same subject will be presented together, avoiding duplication of information. The aim, as stated by Google, is “to help everyone understand the world by connecting people with high-quality news from a variety of perspectives” read here. Google News was launched in beta in 2002 and officially launched in 2006.

It was created by Krishna Bharat. A research scientist at Google, reportedly after a frustrating experience searching for news after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Google announced at the 2019 Conference that news will have an increasing presence in search results . For example, when searching for a relevant topic Industry email list the search results would first display news relevant to that topic. Users can access Google News in up to two different languages. They will see articles from news agencies from different countries together in the app, applying the same level of personalization. How does Google rank news articles? Articles included in Google News have a better chance of appearing in search results through.


Top News and Carousels in both desktop and mobile search. Much of what is ranked by Google News is based on its algorithms . This is why optimizing news for Google News is so important. It's not about writing for Google, but about recognizing the need to adapt to its requirements by preparing content that can be ranked using its algorithms. Benefits of getting into Google News search results Google News SEO is not just about driving traffic to your website. In fact, you might not see a lot of traffic directly from Google News in your Google Analytics account. The greatest benefits may be more indirect. On the one hand, inclusion in Google News indicates that your brand is trusted and authoritative, as Google enforces strict standards. Sites eligible for Google News must publish original content and the amount of advertising and sponsored content must not exceed the site's news content.

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